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If you are interested in the history and culture of Caddo people including the areas of pottery, archery, grass-thatched houses, clothing, songs, dances, foods, history, or removal of Caddos from their ancient homelands, you should visit the various presentations and discussions on this site. This information is prepared by Caddo people who grew up on the Caddo reservation in Oklahoma and are published and distinguished experts in their fields and are participants in all aspects of Caddo culture.
Important links for Caddo pottery:  Maintained by Caddo tribal member Chase Earles, and,, the site of Jeri Recorn, famed Caddo potter.

The Caddos in our group are people who grew up in the Caddo reservation area in Oklahoma and who acquired their special knowledge from elders and by participating in all areas of tribal social and cultural activities. Our group includes professionals who research various areas of Caddo life that were described by many others over the years and provide our own interpretation to the particular subject. Members in our group each have individual skills that allow us to describe in detail the special techniques of various Caddo activities, crafts, or a unique perspective on a particular part of our history or culture.

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